Accelerating Growth

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Facing tough decisions? Feeling pressure to act but not sure which way to go? Overcoming increasing competition and a flat economy to drive sustainable growth is a key responsibility of an executive team. The OGI offers comprehensive metrics to make better business decisions.

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Developing Talent


Trying to identify the right skill sets required for your leaders to ensure sustained success? The OGI offers reliable metrics that pinpoint skill set strengths and deficits to focus talent development efforts, and also provides metrics to evaluate the impact of those efforts.

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Shifting Mindsets

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Trying to get your organization to think differently to achieve desired change? Do you want to shift your organization's mindset? With the OGI you can now visually quantify the pervasive mindset of your organization. Shifting into the right mindset optimizes organizational change and transformation efforts.

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Grow Through Disruption by Brett Richards, PhD

Breakthrough Mindsets to Innovate, Change and Win with the O.G.I.

Organizational expert Dr. Brett Richards offers practical tools for business leaders to measure innovation capability, accelerate growth, and strive for success.

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The Organizational Growth Indicator from Connective Intelligence Inc., helps take the guesswork out of driving growth by providing an indicator that gives senior executives and their management teams real numbers that shed light on previously hidden factors constraining their organization’s ability to grow.

Through a comprehensive, yet efficient assessment process, we can gather the data that lets us analyze the level of growth your organization can generate and exactly where you need to target your resources to accelerate growth.

The OGI’s hard metrics take the guesswork out of your growth planning.

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Metrics that are meaningful

The OGI® provides meaningful data that can help your organization with:

  • Lack of creative or innovative thinking
  • Unaligned leadership
  • Talent management
  • Low morale and energy for change
  • Poor adoption of global initiatives
What the Experts Say

  • The OGI offers a powerful, new way to assess and track shifts in an organization’s ability to innovate and transform by way of its mindset.
    - Dr. Gerard Puccio, Ph.D. | Chair & Professor - International Center for Studies in Creativity SUNY Buffalo State

Think your company is ready for growth, but you're not sure how?

You may be missing the key metrics that can tell you why and inform your decisions on how to move forward.