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Organizational Growth Indicator, Performance Consulting

Our mission is to help your organization jump to the next level of performance.

  • Our sweet spot is quantifying and improving the previously intangible yet vital factors that drive performance and results for leaders and their organizations.
    - Dr. Brett Richards | Founder & President

Intangibles that Matter

There are numerous intangibles that influence an organization's ability to grow and transform effectively. Here are just a few that you may be experiencing:

At Connective Intelligence Inc., our goal is to quantify these types of hidden factors that impact your growth and transformative capability.  We provide a wealth of consulting and development skills grounded in an array of validated assessments and proven tools to support leadership and organizational effectiveness.

The OGI offers New Pathways for Growth

Working with organizations in multiple industries globally, Dr. Richards, Founder of Connective Intelligence, came to realize that leaders typically have at their disposal quantitative measures to understand market and financial trends, customer insights, and even competitive intelligence but truly lack validated metrics to look inside the inner workings of their own organizations, particularly related to growth and readiness for change. 

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Think your company is ready for growth, but you're not sure how?

You may be missing the key metrics that can tell you why and inform your decisions on how to move forward.