Our Focus

Guessing is risky and can be costly. Our commitment is to help you take the guesswork out of driving growth.

  • More than ever before, CEOs need to clear away the fog with better metrics to understand the hidden factors impacting their organization’s ability to grow and achieve long-term success.
    - Dr. Brett Richards | Founder & President

Insightful Metrics That Link Talent to Growth

The complexity of driving growth has far surpassed the capability of existing diagnostic tools. Growth oriented leaders simply don’t have access to the tools they need to get the job done.

We created the OGI to provide 21st Century leaders with a comprehensive enterprise-wide analysis of the factors required to drive real growth and adaptive transformation.

Leaders can now put hard numbers around on the soft people issues that impact growth. These crucial metrics give leaders the clarity and assurance they need to focus their efforts with pinpoint accuracy to maximize ROI on effort and dollars invested.

The OGI is a revolutionary approach to understanding and overcoming the inherent challenges of driving growth within today’s increasingly complex, global environment.

Your Growth is Our Goal

To leverage the OGI for your organization, our team will:

Pinpoint | Identify the hidden factors that support and constrain your organization’s ability to grow and change adaptively.

Improve | Develop, design and deliver targeted programs to improve the skills of your talent and the performance of your organization.

Evaluate | Assess the impact of your training and development efforts designed to support growth and organizational transformation.

Think your company is ready for growth, but you're not sure how?

You may be missing the key metrics that can tell you why and inform your decisions on how to move forward.