The Process of Implementing the OGI®

We partner with you throughout every step of the OGI implementation process to ensure you achieve the strategic alignment and performance you need for success.

Our proven process leverages a combination of proven analytics and practical know-how to help you strategize, develop and execute the best approach to achieve intelligent action.  Our team of experienced practitioners, facilitators, and executive coaches utilize the OGI tool and provide the skills and knowledge required to guide you through the process and achieve inspired growth. 

The OGI Process Graphic

1. DETECT | Measure & Benchmark

The OGI is an on-line assessment that takes just 20 minutes to complete. You can receive solid data about your organization's readiness for change and ability to grow within as little as 3 weeks. 

2. DESIGN | Develop Targeted Programming

We analyze, interpret and present your results in a practical and usable format with recommendations on where to focus your efforts to accelerate growth.

3. DELIVER | Implement Customized Training

Our team provides in-depth training and organizational development expertise as needed to support you in the execution of targeted actions to improve the ROI on resources and effort to stimulate growth.

Sample Analysis in Action


4. RESULTS | Measure the Impact

Benchmark – the current state of your organization's readiness for change, and ability to grow using a 5 Tier Scoring Index aligned with revenues and other KPI's. 

Track - improvement related to your organization’s ability to drive growth and achieve more effective transformation. 

Evaluate – the impact of training and organizational development initiatives designed to stimulate growth, shift organizational culture, drive change, and/or improve organizational effectiveness.

Think your company is ready for growth, but you're not sure how?

You may be missing the key metrics that can tell you why and inform your decisions on how to move forward.