Shifting Mindsets

Posted Sep 10th, 2015

Shifting Mindsets

Ultimately, each employee chooses how s/he will perform and those who are deeply committed to their organization’s goals and values are far more motivated to contribute to organizational success.


The second generation CEO of a large family enterprise sensed growing complacency across the organization, which an employee engagement survey subsequently verified. Although he saw engagement as an issue, he didn’t believe simply focusing on strengthening employee-manager relationship (where most of the emotion in employee engagement resides) would lead to an increased sense of commitment, drive and accountability he sought from employees. Instead, he chose to shift the organization’s mindset behind a bold new vision, mission, and values.


The CEO had his HR Team conduct and utilize the results of an OGI “Pre”- survey to: 1) develop a comprehensive rollout program for the new vision, mission and values that was uniquely tailored to the needs of each operating division and support department; and, 2) provide a benchmark for measuring the impact and effectiveness of the program by division /department, management level, and employee demographic (i.e. tenure, age, exposure to elements of the rollout program). HR implemented the program with the intent of measuring its impact and determining the ROI 12 months from launch.


Pre-Post OGI Survey results indicated the program was an enormous success that not only generated a marked shift in the organization, but spurred record growth. The OGI Pre-Post Survey results indicated the organizational mindset was significantly more aligned and creative, which resulted in greater communication and collaboration amongst employees and a more dynamic and devoted culture. Moreover, the OGI survey highlighted aspects of the program that worked well, or required additional refinement for specific divisions and employee demographics. Based on the strong business results, the ROI for this program was the highest of any of the company’s major initiatives.

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