A Shared Vision to Help Organizations Improve Business Performance

Posted Apr 30th, 2019

Access Funds to Accelerate Your Innovation



Connective Intelligence and RDP & Associates are announcing a new collaboration effort to combine the strengths of both organizations.  Dr. Brett Richards, President of Connective Intelligence Inc. and Brian Cookson, President of RDP Associates are pleased to announce that they will be working together to offer enhanced services to help organizations not only access government funding but maximize the impact of those valuable innovation dollars, intended to drive business improvement. 

New Industry-Leading Approach

Using a proven methodology of preparing organizations for acquiring government and other sources of funding, RDP has been helping organizations to receive funding through various sources for over 30 years.  The professional consulting, coaching, support and resources have helped hundreds of organizations to achieve success.  RDP’s expertise and experience will complement Connective Intelligence’s OGI® (Organizational Growth Indicator), a diagnostic tool that links a company’s cultural mindset to actual revenue growth performance and assesses its ability to innovate and change, effectively.

Funding is Important, But It’s Not Enough

Research has shown that although funding is important for an organization to achieve success through its innovation activities, it is not enough!!  If the management and culture are not aligned for success then the funding does not achieve the objective to drive improved business performance.

Filling a Real Marketplace Need

Conference Board research has shown that the great majority of start-up companies fails in the scaling up of their company to achieve innovation and commercialization success. 

C-Suite leaders often believe their organizations have the culture necessary to drive performance but had no way until now to truly measure that culture and tie it to the bottom-line performance of the company.

This failure to scale demonstrates a strong and growing need for the Connective Intelligence suite of services and their measurable impact on organizational growth.

 “We are excited about this collaboration opportunity with RDP as we work together to help organizations achieve improved innovation performance outcomes by linking culture to tangible business metrics and improved results.” says Dr. Brett Richards, President and Managing Partner.

About Connective Intelligence Inc.

Connective Intelligence helps organizations grow through disruption by turning culture into stronger business performance. Passionate about growing an organization’s top line, while improving its bottom line, Connective Intelligence help CEOs, HR and business leaders quantify a company’s cultural mindset to support leadership and organizational performance. To learn more, visit www.connectiveintelligence.com and www.TheOGI.com.

About RDP and Associates

RDP and Associates Inc. (RDP) specializes in assisting organizations like yours with obtaining funding for innovation. Their highly qualified team of experts advise and guide you on how to apply for government incentives to maximize your cash returns. Be it for government grants or R&D tax credits, their team effectively and efficiently examines your qualifications for grants and R&D tax credits. To learn more, visit www.info@rdpassociates.com.

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