Breakthrough Diagnostic Tool Drives Company Growth by Measuring Mindsets

Posted Sep 29th, 2016

Launch of The Organizational Growth Indicator (OGI) gives C-Suite their first-ever financial statement for people and culture.

TORONTO, Sept. 29, 2016 /CNW/ - Today's highly competitive and volatile market requires that business leaders have an exceedingly accurate assessment of their organization to drive growth. Previously unreachable, the depth of insight required to truly understand the inner workings of a company is now available with the Organizational Growth Indicator (OGI), a vital diagnostic tool that captures and quantifies a company's mindset and ability to grow.

OGI's critical metrics related to mindset and growth, unmeasurable with other assessments, pinpoint the unseen factors that constrain innovation and positive transformation, and define the distinct course of action needed to significantly strengthen business performance. The tool is quickly emerging among CEOs, HR leaders and private equity executives.

"The OGI drives performance by diagnosing untapped potential for growth so that executives can apply this knowledge to inspire innovation and better manage organizational change," says Dr. Brett Richards, creator of the tool, and founder and president of Connective Intelligence Inc. "When business leaders can accurately quantify employee attitudes and motivations, they are better equipped to deliver targeted programs capable of eradicating complacency across the company. Consequently, the OGI can have a substantial effect by providing invaluable insight to those at the helm."

No matter the industry or size of the company, the OGI reveals why employees behave, or are likely to behave, a certain way.

The assessment is particularly beneficial to: C-Suite executives intent on giving their organization a competitive edge by uncovering opportunities for innovation; new CEOs who require a system-wide view of an organization within their crucial first 90 days on the job; senior HR professionals who must determine which training and organizational development programs will best drive and support business strategy; private equity firms that want to ensure successful mergers and acquisitions; and boards of directors that need to assess a management team's ability to drive growth.

Companies are cognitive systems, but cognition is influenced heavily by human emotion.

Speculating about a business' strengths and weaknesses is extremely risky, and any resulting decisions can be very costly if the root assumptions about how employees feel are inaccurate. By mapping an organization's mindset, the OGI zeroes in on the areas that will improve employee performance, and translates training into business impact by using tangible metrics to take the guesswork out of driving growth.

"World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck wrote about the importance of teaching a 'growth mindset', where people believe their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great achievement, and the OGI supports this," continues Richards. "It truly functions like a financial statement for people and culture by identifying tailored opportunities that drive real revenue growth. As a result, business leaders can enhance important relationships while they stimulate motivation and productivity."

While the OGI functions as a standalone tool, it does not discredit the results of other diagnostic tests. Though traditional assessments are equivalent to the tip of the iceberg, business leaders who have already invested in organizational assessments can use the OGI to complement their existing results. Accordingly, they gain a more complete and precise picture of their company's underlying mindset by learning what's below the surface, and are able to amplify their present insights. Companies local and global, now from multiple industries are benefitting from the OGI.

About Dr. Brett Richards

Dr. Brett Richards successfully completed his Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems (HOS), and offers deep expertise in executive development, team dynamics, innovation and strategic thinking. Leveraging over 20 years of experience applying the concepts of thinking and organizational intelligence within a business context, he has developed and published a comprehensive suite of performance tools that he provides to a growing number of training and organizational development professionals around the world. Initiated by Richards as a doctoral study at Fielding Graduate University, the OGI was developed over five years of in-depth statistical, theoretical and business research.

About Connective Intelligence Inc.

Connective Intelligence Inc. quantifies the numerous intangibles that influence an organization's ability to grow and transform effectively. The company provides a wealth of consulting and development skills grounded in an array of validated assessments and proven tools to support leadership and organizational effectiveness. The Organizational Growth Indicator (OGI) from Connective Intelligence Inc. helps take the guesswork out of driving growth by using hard metrics to map organizational mindset, and is leveraged in the business strategies of companies big and small around the globe. To discover more, please visit

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